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We've moved!

The new location is at 1350 S. Colorado Blvd. #900. 

(Century 21 Plaza, 2 blocks north of old location.)


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Thai-Style Egg Rolls   $4.45

4 fried vegetable egg rolls served with Thai sweet & sour sauce

Spring Roll   $2.95
A fresh, hand-made spring roll with shrimp, chicken, fresh vegetables and herbs, served with peanut sauce
A Thai Pot favorite!

4 Chicken, Beef or Pork skewers $5.95
8 Shrimp on skewers $7.95

Fried Tofu   $4.95
8 pieces of deep-fried tofu served with ground peanuts and a sweet & sour sauce

Pot Stickers (Gyoza)   $4.95
6 pot stickers, fried or steamed to perfection, served with a sesame sauce

Kha Nom Jeeb   $4.95
8 steamed or fried shrimp dumplings, served with a sesame sauce

crab rangoon   $4.95
6 Rangoon filled with crab meat, cream cheese and celery, wrapped in wonton skin  
and deep-fried until crispy, served with Thai sweet & sour sauce

sampler platter   $9.95
2 Egg Rolls, 1 Chicken Satay, 1 Beef Satay, 2 Pot Stickers,
3 Kha Nom Jeeb and 2 Crab Rangoon, served with an assortment of sauces

Tod mun (Fish Cakes)   $5.95
4 fried fish cakes served with a cucumber and red onion sauce

thai sausage   $5.95
Thai sausage served with sliced ginger and peanuts

Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and other special requests are available.
We do not use MSG.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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